Monuments of Rome


Monuments of Rome:


The Colosseum, Amphitheatrum Flavium, is the largest amphitheater in the world, located in the city center of Rome. Able to contain an estimated number of spectators between 50,000 and 75,000 units, it is the most important Roman amphitheater, and the most impressive monument of ancient Rome that has come down to us, known throughout the world as a symbol of the city of Rome and one of the symbols of Italy.


The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch with three arches, located a short distance from the Colosseum. Besides the remarkable historical importance as a monument, the Arch can be considered as a real museum of official Roman sculpture, extraordinary for its richness and importance.


Castel Sant'Angelo also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, located on the right bank of the Tiber in front of the Sant'Angelo bridge, is connected to the Vatican State through the fortified "passetto" corridor. The castle was radically changed several times during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


The Pantheon, is a building of ancient Rome located in the Pigna district in the historic center, built as a temple dedicated to all past, present and future divinities. It was rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian between 120 and 124 AD, after the fires of 80 and 110 AD they had damaged the previous construction of the Augustan age.


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