Major Squares in Rome 


The Squares of Rome:


The Square of Navona (Piazza Navona) is one of the most famous squares in Rome, built by the Pamphili family. Its shape is that of the stadium of Domitian which was built by the emperor Domitian in 85 and in the 3rd century it was restored by Alexander Severus. It was 265 meters long, 106 wide and could accommodate 30,000 spectators.


The Peoples Square  (Piazza del Popolo) is one of the most famous squares of Rome, at the foot of the Pincio. The origin of the name of the square perhaps derives from the Latin populus (poplar), due to the presence of a grove of poplars. Pope Paschal II built a chapel behind the walls, at the expense of the Roman people (the one on which the present church of Santa Maria del Popolo would then be built): of the people was the Madonna, del Popolo became the square.


Piazza del Campidoglio is located at the top of the Campidoglio hill in Rome. In 1534-38 Michelangelo Buonarroti completely redesigned the square, drawing it in all its details and making it turn no longer towards the Roman Forum but towards the Basilica of San Pietro, which represented the new political center of the city.


Piazza di Spagna (Piazza di Francia in the seventeenth century), with the stairway of Trinità dei Monti, is one of the most famous squares in Rome. It owes its name to the palace of Spain, seat of the embassy of the Iberian state to the Holy See.


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