General Rules

Rules of conduct


  • Guests must respect the hours of access to the structure . The house will be closing at 23.30 and during the night the Alarm will be switch own in the house.
  • The guest is required to ensure the preservation of the material and the granted premises in personal or shared
  • It is not allowed to bring pets in the house , keep arms, exposing clothes from the windows , smoking throughout and consume alcoholic beverages and various food in the room.
  • In the rooms we invite the guest to moderate the ringing of phones.
  • In the rooms is strictly prohibited the use of electric and gas appliances ( heaters , cookers , irons, etc . ) .
  • During the use of electronic devices ( PC , IPAD ) personal room please keep the volume low .
  • The guest is required to have a behavior appropriate to the environment and the rules of respect and good manners .

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