Papua New Guinea. A Mission in a Land of Flaura and Fauna...

World stands in need of missionaries. Presentation sisters made their presence felt in another mission country in Papua New Guinea in South West Pacific’s country of immense cultural and biological diversity traditional tribal villages with a warm tropical climate. It is one of the rural countries in the world, as only 18% of its 8 million people live in urban centres. Large portion of the population is poor and illiterate. God has specially chosen us as his powerful instruments to bring his salvation to the people in this least explored nation in the world.

Our mission in P N G got initiated on 3 rd July 2008 when the pioneers of the mission, Sr Leticia, Sr Jissa Maria and Sr Liya Jose were warmly welcomed and received by Most Rev. Dr. Cesare Benevento, the former Bishop of Vanimo We were, first and foremost assigned with teaching in the minor seminary, a bare need of the diocese. The sisters were also actively involved in the parish and pastoral activities. Our mission found its expansion to a bush parish called Wasangala also.

The missionary zeal and enthusiasm of our sisters gained soon the affection and appreciation of the people. Still the joy of serving the underprivileged is kept alive in the pastoral and social activities in various parishes in Vanimo diocese. A significant change has been made in the lives of the people with the different activities like teaching Catechism, training of altar boys, making arrangement for Sacrament of Confession, host making, leading the holy rosary and visiting the communities..

Along with teaching in the Seminary, our present mission includes oratory program for the children in our locality,1 prison ministry, hospital visit, promoting education by supporting the drop out students and providing study materials, giving free accommodation for the poor students in the nearby schools, etc.Realizing the need to continue the vision and the mission of Congregation the candidates are trained in an adequate manner to enable

leema novithem facing the challenges of life. The Maternal Blessings of our heavenly patron Blessed Virgin Mary Presented in the Temple takes care that our missioncontinues to make a difference in the lives of the people from what that used to be. P N G seems to have much potential for an effective apostolic ministry. The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few, therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers in to His harvest”.


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